Below is a clip from an interview  of Louis Farrakhan conducted in 1996 by Mike Wallace from ’60 minutes’ (an American television newsmagazine program). Mike Wallace accuses Nigeria of being the most corrupt nation in the world… and Louis Farrakhan’s epic response still holds true to this very day. In fact, his message resonates true to just about all western countries.

Let the citizens and peoples of the tricontinental, especially those in the Diaspora, go to their countries and help their people out of the conditions they are in, conditions which have been perpetuated by neo-imperialism.


Through history, music in Eritrea, like many other parts of the world, was confined in regional premises. With the advent of media technology however, the sound of the beats and the ingenuity of folkloric music Eritrea possesses started spreading its rhythm to the rest of the country and the region.Although there is no specific time as to when and how music became a part of the Eritrean cultures, it is however definite that the history of music goes as far as centuries when it comes to folkloric music and original cultural rhythms that represent the true identity of the Eritrean cultures. Inviting different artists to join us in our Independence Day celebrations would continue. And, actually it is in its infant stage, we have in mind to organize massive concert in Eritrea in which different artists from all over Africa would participate.



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Below is a video of an animated essay, the essay written and narrated by Maria Popova with animator Drew Christie. I’m posting it here on my blog because I believe it is a powerful explanation and demonstration of how people may cultivate true wisdom in the age of information through storytelling. I am also in full agreement that great storytellers matter more than ever in helping us make sense of this world. However, I hope that those who visit my blog and see this video are also encouraged to use information technology and/or storytelling to counteract grossly imbalanced public discourse.

You may find the essay text in full below the video.

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BOOM!!! “It is not shocking to us that some would prefer a defenseless Eritrea, or that some would condemn conscription in Eritrea, and not condemn it in their native Switzerland or Italy. It is not shocking because there is a tradition that objects to the militarization of the weak and the militarization of the anti-imperialist. It is still disappointing, however, to see that some anthropologists think speaking to truth to power means exercising their white authority to pick at post-colonial bones in small states of the periphery.”

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By what logic, if any, does Zero Anthropology function?

If in light of the controversy that erupted with the publication of Sophia Tesfamariam’s outline and condemnation of western anthropologists working to support regime change in her native Eritrea, Zero Anthropology for its part fails to criticize the Eritrean government for its alleged militarization, then what good are we? (Well, for one, we are good for a distraction: turn the denunciations around against us, the messenger of a messenger, and thus avoid any discomfort occasioned by Tesfamariam’s allegations.)

Let’s say either Michael Brown or Travyon Martin had a gun. Let’s say they used their guns in self-defense once they were shot at, and in so doing stayed alive. Some might condemn us for not denouncing Brown and Martin for defending themselves with a gun, especially if we still persisted in our critique of the militarization of the police. We would say…

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So what can we do in the face of all of this madness and chaos? What is the solution?… We can love. Not the love you hear in your favorite song on the radio. I mean real love, true love, boundless love. You can love, love each other from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Performing act of kindness because that is contagious…


…So yes, the world is coming to an end, and the path towards a new beginning starts within you.

Beautiful compilation of spoken word/poetry, sheer wisdom and visual affects.

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“…The dynamism and determination of African youth, those who make up 70% of the continent’s population. Their political maturity has been striking to me. They have this Pan-African vision that make it indispensable for African countries and peoples to work together in order to turn the tables on those who are trying to carve the continent into pieces.”

Viva African youth!

Viva Mama Africa!

Down with Imperialism and Neo-colonialism!

The New Scramble For Africa – Empire – The New Scramble for Africa – Al Jazeera English.

rsz_keep-calm-and-stop-stereotyping-2Twice this week, I’ve come across posts on the web that have gone viral after falsely quoting conservatives in the United States of America. I am no fan of the Far Right, but still, being sick and tired of the stereotyping, I felt compelled to call out such misleading use of social media.

As the saying goes, “don’t believe everything you read,” and this holds especially true for content found on the internet. According to my Facebook feed and Twitter, however, it’s embarrassingly obvious that a lot of people I know do believe everything they stumble on online. I was able to guess and easily find out that the two particular articles I stumbled upon this week weren’t true because they seemed a little too stereotypical.

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