Embarrassing: Eritreans putting Alec Wek’s picture as their Facebook Profile

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Anti-stereotyping/racism/xenophobia, Gender and Women's Rights, [Social] Media
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No offense to the gorgeous Alec Wek! I just find it embarrassing that recently there are some Eritrean youth out there who changed their Facebook profile pictures to a picture of the supermodel after an episode of Al Jazeera English’s “The Stream”.

Some comments made on Alec Wek’s Facebook page within the last couple of days include:

–          “…thank you very much for understanding the Eritrean situation, and for always using your fame to do good…proud and grateful for you!”

–          “…thank you very much for being the voice of the voiceless Eritreans”

–          “…You are our new hero.”

–          “…The Eritrean youth in the diaspora have been a voice to the voiceless people inside the country and now we found you defending the poor people who can’t defend themselves.”

–          “…we are proud and would like you to continue to be the voice, sponsor, and ambassador of our cause…” BLA BLA BLA

Ms. Alec Wek is an inspirational person surely, but I think these comments are quite exaggerated. Having been a refugee and helping to raise awareness about the plight of refugees worldwide is noble, no doubt, but to assume she can be somewhat of a spokesperson for Eritreans or that she’s a hero of Eritreans is not only weird, but extremely politically incorrect. Nothing about her appearance on The Stream suggested she knows anything about Eritrea, just that she can relate with refugees.

Message to Eritrean youth looking for gorgeous (s)heroes: look towards your country,  look towards your history, look towards yourselves!

I would also like to add that it’s politically incorrect to assume that feminists don’t know how to share, don’t know how to work as a team, and only want to take rather than give back.

Eritrean women have actively contributed and scarified their lives for Eritrea’s independence. It is for this reason that today, thousands of Eritrean young women are taking part in national service as dignified citizens; they are not becoming ‘wives of generals’ as stated by Mussie Zena on “The Stream” but are active agents and contributors to their country’s development. Your mother was right Alec: what makes you beautiful as a woman is the woman you are and you must celebrate other women.

  1. Find.Out says:

    Who’s Alec Wek?

    • therealrahel says:

      LOL! Good question! She is a famous supermodel originally from South Sudan (I think she lives in the States, but she had first sought refuge in the UK) but I’m sure that less than 1% of the youth in Eritrea know who she is. Pretty funny how some have the audacity to try to call her a hero of Eritrean youth. It’s just another perversion of the reality and how some social media/network mechanisms are fooling the youth to think all is true and real in the virtual world.

  2. Find.Out says:

    what’s the story?

    • The story is that Rahel accuses eritrean youths flee from the country to have IPod or Air Jordan she became really ungry that she started this blog to entertain eritrean youth with her shameless accusation!

      • therealrahel says:

        Please do see the debate again, with open ears, before you accuse me of saying that Eritrean youth flee their country to have an iPod. Don’t misinterpret my words just to have a weak point to push your weak agenda. It’s not healthy.

  3. Eritrawi says:

    Hey Rahel Eventhough i support, what you are doing, i really want to tell you that you are giving an attention to something morethan it deserves, mentioning her time afetr time only adds to here fame, and thereby making you look weak, i personaly know you and i know that you have been totaly miss understood by the girle, but what the hale, who is she after all, and talking about all the people who are doing what you are saying are doing are rather portraying their immaturity hence never even deserv your attention, but u r making them feel strong,Just repeat to them our famous saying “THe dog barks and Teh KAMEL does his job” afetr all they are all Woyane agents hiered to serve meles zena, i really sugest that you fucus your efforts in decimintaing the truth about Eritrea with out being distructed by the no more than 50 traitors of the country. In the end we are always on your side and wish you succes in ur endevours!

  4. samuel says:

    Alec…who? never heard of her. There is one saying in tigrinya’adiae gedifa hatna tnafk’. It suits this people perfectly. I want to know why she was the guest(when the topic is about eritrea).if you have any idea.

  5. Eritrean says:


    I am very proud of your stance in regards to Eritrea. Alec Wek and many other Africans will always be tools of the west as those in the NGO industry and many other money laundering and resources stealing organizations from the west are the people that pay her to be who she is. Yes! She was a refugee but so were many millions but if they could they wouldn’t want to be refugees and in South Sudan her homeland she was never safe and she claims that she will never go back but you Rahel live in ERITREA! thank god for a beautiful country like Eritrea and you are contributing to the development of your nation! God bless you. Meanwhile Alec Wek will according to her never go back to South Sudan the newest independence country. Why? hmmm! It makes you wonder. She knows nothing about Eritrea and is not even qualified to talk about her own country let alone Eritrea. The sellout so Called opposition Eritreans are full of CRAP and will use anything and anyone to advance their agenda.
    Keep on keeping on Rahela!
    From EM

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