“You want respect? Do something your heroes didn’t have the courage to do. Birth the dream they let die decades ago. Be unapologetically you.” ~Rahiel Tesfamariam

Rahiel Tesfamariam

Rahiel Tesfamariam

This blog, maintained by me, the real Rahel (that is, the real Rahel Weldeab Sebhatu), loves celebrating real people. And who’s keeping it more real than another Rahiel I’ve come to learn about after reading her blog post on The Washington Post titled “‘Imagine a Future’ sheds light on black women and internalized racism”.

Rahiel Tesfamariam is a writer, social activist, public theologian and cultural critic. She is the Founder/Editorial Director of Urban Cusp, a cutting-edge online lifestyle magazine highlighting progressive urban culture, faith, social change and global awareness. Check out her bio… exemplary of a young woman who never let down a golden opportunity to advance herself and help others. Born in war-torn Eritrea a decade prior to independence, Rahiel is indeed a product of her nation’s tenacious struggle for self-determination! Even better, she’s an absolutely superb writer!

Quoted from her message of success, which is indeed a MUST READ!

“A lot of people ask me “how did you do it.” They think “it” is the express lane to progress. When “it” is really daily war. I never started planning for and building Urban Cusp so that I would get interviews and panels and public attention. It came out of a desire to find peace in my own skin and help others do the same; to not conform to this world but to be transformed. I could go on about why I took the biggest leap of my life but I bring it up because I see how people focus in on the result and not the process. People often ask me for a blueprint and sometimes they straight up just try to replicate mine. They forsake their own journey.

“I didn’t chase success. I don’t believe I ever have. I have always chased purpose. And purpose has always brought me success. Always.”

Amen to that sister… AMEN!! Can you imagine how boring life would be if you’d have conformed to this world? The thought of it gives me the chills, as nothing is more mundane that stereotypes, conformity and status quo.



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