Eritrea’s Referendum for Independence: Sovereignty declared on 27 April 1993

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The grand majority of Eritrean people know the 24th of May as Eritrea’s Independence Day. It was on the 24th of May 1991 that Eritrea’s freedom fighters of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) stormed Asmara, bringing the largest army of Black Africa, the Soviet-backed Dergue regime of Ethiopia, to its knees, ending a 30-year armed struggle for independence. Two years later on the same date, Eritrea’s independence was officially declared. HOWEVER Eritrea was officially declared a sovereign country on the 27th of April 1993 (21 years ago as of today). How so? Eritrea’s independence and sovereignty did not come about just because the armed struggle came to an end, nor did it come about because Eritrea became a member of the United Nations; Eritrea became a sovereign country because 99.83% of its people–including freedom fighters, civilians, and Eritrean exiles in many parts of the world–voted ‘YES’ for independence in a referendum with a turnover rate of 93.9%.


The results of Eritrea’s referendum for independence: 99.83% in favor, with a turnover rate of 93.9%.

The referendum was considered free and fair by the UN Observer Mission to Verify the Referendum in Eritrea (UNOVER).

Eritrea’s sovereignty to this day is a top priority for Eritreans, as their sovereignty is STILL being violated by Ethiopia, as they refuse to leave Eritrea’s sovereign territories DESPITE the final and binding decision of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (please refer to my previous blog post written on the occasion of the 12-year of the EEBC final and binding boundary decision). Let the 27th of April be a reminder to everyone that Eritrea’s sovereignty was rendered solid because 99.83% of the Eritrean people voted for independence! Not because the UN said so, not because (…containing my laugther…) Ethiopia allowed it to happen, but because the Eritrean people, after fighting for independence, being persecuted and massacred by their colonizers, and after sacrificing their lives, said so by putting the blue ballot ticket in the box.

Ballot ticket for Eritrea's referendum for independence

Ballot ticket for Eritrea’s referendum for independence



For more information on Eritrea’s referendum of indepenence, CLICK HERE.

Choice Votes %
For 1,100,260 99.83
Against 1,822 0.17
Invalid/blank votes 328
Total 1,102,410 100
Source: African Elections Database




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