Women Making History: The Eritrean Women’s Struggle

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

National Union of Eritrean Women (NUEW) Sweden Branch will be at the Nordiskt Forum in Malmö (12-15 June 2014). “New Action on Women’s Rights”

National Union of Eritrean Women - Sweden Branch


14.00-15.00 Kvinna 100 – Eritreanska kvinnors kamp

Var: Bodskogen vid Plaskdammen i Folkets Park
Eritreanska Kvinnoförbundet i Sverige berättar om sin kamp för jämställdhet och mot rasism i Malmö och Sverige. 

Medverkande: Dr. Eden Tareke och Rishan Aregai

Arrangörer: Eritreanska Kvinnoförbundet i samarbete med Kvinna 100.

Nu är det inte många dagar kvar till Feministisk Festival som pågår mellan den 12-15 juni i Folkets Park här i Malmö.

Kvinna 100 är självklart på plats! Vi anordnar exempelvis workshops med Tusen Serier och det feministiska serieskaparnätverket Dotterbolaget, arrangerar panelsamtal om immigrantkvinnors liv och arbete då och nu i Malmö och tillsammans med bland annat ABF Malmö och Feminist Dialog utforskar vi kvinnoberättelser och erfarenheter av migration genom kollage och vykortstillverkning.

Tryck på Läs mer så hittar du allt du behöver veta om vad Kvinna 100 erbjuder under dessa dagar!

Hela programmet: CLICK HERE!

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  1. Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

    Eritrean women sitting in Sweden have no right to dictate pro-regime BS while our sisters at home

    SUFFER under the heavy and cruel yokes/joke of:-



    3) FORCED military conscription

    4) Sexual harrassment in our schools, places of work and especially in the military

    5) Unequal and unfair gender-biased delegation of shitty jobs such as cleaning,

    washing clothes BY HAND and the mogogo centred migrain of injera making.

    6) The lack of freedom to express their grievances

    7) The lack of access to feminist literature and resources

    8) The lack of women’s centres where they can get help with eg dealing with their drunkard

    and usually violent husbands/partners

    9) The list goes on and on but I really don’t want my people to be Nato-ed or for Elsa Chyrum,

    Meron Estifanos or Dan Connell to think that I am on their side bc I have NO POLITICAL

    AFFLIATION TO ANY MURDEROUS PARTIES/opposition groups WHATSOEVER and speak only

    on behalf of my oppressed, silenced, martyred and betrayed Eritreans sisters since time


  2. Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

    Another two points which are vital to the eventual feminization and modernization of Eritrea are:-

    1) In Sweden if a man beats a woman (or vice versa) and she (/he) is able to provide the courts

    with physical evidence, he/she may get up to three years in jail. How are we dealing with domestic

    violence in Eritrea today?

    2) We must abolish the practice of selling sex in Eritrea, if we are to follow the Swedish and woman-

    friendly example, it is by penalising the buyer and not the seller. If for example any man caught

    buying sex in Eritrea were to be penalised with a 1000Nakfa fine as well as manual labour, we might

    see a remarkable and positive change within our society.

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