The need for Black Feminism

Posted: July 9, 2014 in Gender and Women's Rights, Pan-Africanism, Uncategorized
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  1. Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

    Perhaps next time Rahel, you could broach the subject of how your brand of BLACK FEMINISM is

    the kind that calls a black woman like myself ‘THICK’ just because I DARE TO use my right to

    question my government’s policies, secrecy, perceived cruelty and perspective with regard to

    Eritrean human and women’s rights. FEMINISM is FEMINISM. AND AMONGST OTHER THINGS IT

    MEANS WOMEN WHO RESPECT OTHER WOMEN. Having said that, I now ask you to go out into

    the streets of Asmera and find such women. (Have fun weeding the backstabbling wushimas

    from the gossiping hoes and the illiterate street prostitutes from the gold-digging bimbos because

    that is what PFDJ /Eritrean patriarchy has done to us).

    PS Don’t you think it was high time that DAWIT ISAAK was released, after all he’s no more

    a sellout than the rest of our people?

    DON’T ever PLAY ‘BIATCH’ W/ ME bc I can out-bitch you in my sleep.

  2. Rahwa Tesfai Ghermai says:

    One day when they’ve tired of you, they’ll dispose of you as they’ve done with GREATER

    WOMEN THAN YOURSELF like ASTER FESSAHATSION (the first Eritrean woman member

    of parliament). In that hour of need, you too will appreciate those who DARE TO call for your


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