Cultural Exchanges is important part of our Public Diplomacy

Posted: September 27, 2014 in Pan-Africanism, [Social] Media
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Through history, music in Eritrea, like many other parts of the world, was confined in regional premises. With the advent of media technology however, the sound of the beats and the ingenuity of folkloric music Eritrea possesses started spreading its rhythm to the rest of the country and the region.Although there is no specific time as to when and how music became a part of the Eritrean cultures, it is however definite that the history of music goes as far as centuries when it comes to folkloric music and original cultural rhythms that represent the true identity of the Eritrean cultures. Inviting different artists to join us in our Independence Day celebrations would continue. And, actually it is in its infant stage, we have in mind to organize massive concert in Eritrea in which different artists from all over Africa would participate.



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