About The Real Rahel

The Real RahelSick and tired of the stereotyping and the never-ending campaigns to make African youth think they cannot be the leaders of today and tomorrow, I have been inspired to start up this blog to talk about  real issues and why real revolution will not be tweeted. Topics will range from a whole variety of youth issues, including peacebuilding, poverty reduction eradication, migration, human trafficking, active youth citizenship, public interest diplomacy, Horn of Africa politics and the risk of being the good example.

I also just so happen to be the Vice-President of the Pan African Youth Union (PYU) for the East Africa/Indian Ocean region, and  I was a former member of the International Steering Group of the United Network of Young Peacebuilders.

I’m known to blog about women/feminist issues on World Pulse, and I also blog on peacebuilding through MasterPeace.org. After by blog post is published on their sites, I usually cross-post them on this personal blog.

  1. zeriet says:

    “Sick and tired of the stereotyping and the never-ending campaigns to make African youth think they cannot be the leaders of today and tomorrow”
    Do I see any youth leader in Eritrea? May be you are trying to fool the young people in diaspora, Eritrea is still being ruled with the same people before 20 years, who are very old to lead a nation right now. Those leaders have never shared their position with the brilliant young educated people, which Of course other than National youth association you are working. They let you on this position because old people can not rule youth association. Even don’t dream of going above that position. You will end up in the Dahlak prison.

    • therealrahel says:

      Weird comment… I don’t know what you are talking about. But thanks for your comment anyway. It’s typical of the same old rhetoric being said to the youth of Africa– “Don’t dream about going above your position… there is no hope!” The point of this blog is to go against the psychological warfare being waged on us youth. There is hope because we say so! We don’t need to leave our homelands and pursue ‘better’ dreams in the west because it is our right to be able to pursue our dreams in our countries–dreams of peace and sustainable development.

  2. sofi says:

    amen homie

  3. Eritrea Mehary says:

    Rahel I can not express to you in enough words how amazing this blog is after only 3 posts. Your latest post ( How the Media Conspires Against Eritrea) could not have come at a better time. I cant explain to you right at this moment how serendipitous it was for me to read this post today. Keep on with your message of HOPE and Possibility for our youth Trust me it does not fall on deaf ears.
    p.s. Just be happy that you are on the side of the argument where what you provide to us youth on the iternet sets us into physical action and not the continued virtual warfare you speak of.
    Many Blessings To You,

    Eritrea M. (boston)

  4. There is hope…because we say so! love it

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